Avengers Endgame (Not a review to avoid Spoilers, Only Opinion) – FS

Considered as the Finale or the final chapters of the Avenger Series, it is the 22nd film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is the only film of this century that has garnered such a Huge demand in domestic as well as International Markets. Fans, especially the kids and teenagers are awaiting its release with baited breathe and fortunately I was able to watch the movie couple of days earlier than the International Release.

The Movie is 3 hours long but believe me it is too short to cover such as vast ensemble cast and package all their stories into it within the stipulated time. I believe that the movie should have been made into two parts. Why I feel this way? Let me explain it to you. There are certain parts of the movie where you feel they are trying to build up the story and later you realize that they just dragged it and there are other scenes in the movie where you feel it is being done hastily before we the audience could sink in the gravity of the scene or the moments resulting the emotional scenes as bland. Now why would they even consider building up the story as Avengers Infinity Wars had already set the stage for the Finale? Everyone who has watched the prequel to Endgame only wants to know how these Heroes will make things right and how emotionally they have been affected.

If they had made it in two parts then every character would have shined like in Infinity War but here even the main characters fail to make an impact. There are jokes here and there but they aren’t enough. There are too many unnecessary, silly scenes that only consume time and nothing else. I believe after watching the Endgame, every fan will agree that Infinity Wars is the best movie of the Franchise. If you recall Captain America – Civilian War then it reminds you of the brilliant action choreography because most of it is done in the daylight as against the dark creepy VFX settings like most of the other Superhero flicks. Even the Infinity War triumphs in the Grand Battle because everything was done in daylight. Those scenes looks real compared to the dark graphics. I was Very disappointed with the Finale 8 -10 mins of Grand Battle of Endgame, it was similar to Aquaman.

My opinion may sound bit negative but its not, you will definitely enjoy the movie and there are some good moments including is a moment where you may get heartbroken, I mean literally if you are a Marvel Fan. It is one of the most heartbreaking emotional scenes ever in a Superhero Flick because of its impact. Go watch it and enjoy but go with lower expectations so that you can enjoy more.



A Film That Deserves National Award – PADMAN – FS


I never expected that a film on Pads would be so Interesting, so Inspiring and so Emotional. It is a touchy subject and makes one uncomfortable to talk about even among the educated and urban class society. The social stigma attached to it is very deep and rooted and in a country like India, there are 100’s of other superstitious omens besides being treated as filth.

Visions to make a film on social subject and especially on such a touchy subject need not only guts but also solid content. This visionary director had a solid content in his silver platter in form of a Real life Padman and his inspirational journey, all he needed was the team to make it happen and I will applaud every crew member participated in this movie especially the lead Akshay Kumar.

First of all it’s a brave attempt and to succeed in it is exemplary. The 10 Min speech by Akshay Kumar addressing UN is the Best Inspirational/Motivational speeches I have ever heard so far in any film. I had tears in my eyes in the end & they were not only Because of the speech, they rolled down because I was totally engaged in what was happening as I was made aware of our situations and conditions in Indian Villages, I was made aware that the people can reach such great heights if their will and passion is put together towards their goals and because I was listening to a PADMAN (An uneducated guy explaining the business model) not the actor Akshay Kumar.

Apart from the inspiring journey of Padman, I loved the subtle chemistry between Sonam and Akshay, The irritation and awkwardness Akshay created within his family and among the neighbors, the simplicity of the character he maintained throughout the movie and the detailed version of the success of his business model. I loved the movie and would recommend each and every person to watch.

It is Akshay who has ruled over every other star in terms of Quality films this decade. This decade Akshay has given variety of movies on different topics but according to me Airlift and PADMAN stands out as the two Masterpieces of this decade. Highly Recommended!!!

Mersal Movie Review – FS

A Daacter wid Swyaag, bettar daancer, sooperb fighter, edh VIJAY di Actor. Grate Weezvals, brillyant action & szcreenplay, a total fultoo x-sallant moove-weee, eidh MERSAL.

This is one of the best Tamil movie I have seen recently. A ₹5 Doctor, famous for treating his patients with nominal fee of ₹5. He is also a world renowned humanitarian & Doctor whose dream is to help people get medical care for free. He is also a Magician and kills people who have harmed and wronged others.

Vijay protrays the role of 3 characters and with bit twists and turns, the movie ends on a very high note, as an audience you will be pleased and satisfied. The movie has sub layers & one of the flashback story is the real highlight of the entire movie, it is a tearjerker, will melt your hearts. The scene at the hospital after the Operation is very authentic & painful to watch.

Kudos to the director and actors and actresses for making such Beautiful film. the only hinderances are the songs (too many).

Highly Recommended!!!


The cinephile within me demands me to write a review on this special movie called October. The movie is special in many ways for example, it is by far the career best performance of Varun Dhawan. It happens to be the very best debut film of Banita who must have uttered 2-3 sentences in the whole movie and still manages to imprint her performance in the minds of the audiences. It is also special because a pointless film like October is also very engrossing and impactful at the same time and its all due to outstanding direction of Soojit Sircar. His direction gives a whole new meaning for the young directors and script writers to try such subjects and learn from him. He knows how to touch the pulse of its niche audience right from the very beginning.

The movie begins with acquainting us with Varun’s background, his current role in a five star hotel, his temperament issues, blabbering issues & his rapport with his colleagues and co workers. The life of a promising and very ambitious Dan slowly turns gloomy and pensive in the wake of his obsession towards the of support his colleague’s well being and recovery that slipped & fell from a 3 storey building into Coma while celebrating New Year.

Even though there isn’t much story to tell, it was captivating. He didn’t rely on songs, dances or flashback stories or jokes or any kind of unwanted or unnecessary scenes yet he demonstrated how a simple subtle story can be so touching, impactful and intriguing. Varun will shine in this kind of roles and are tailor made for him. His performance is beautiful, subtle that you will feel the character. The supporting actors are very good as well.

In the beginning I said the movie is pointless because you will not see any kind of interest in Dan for his colleague yet he becomes so obsessive over her well being and recovery after a couple of visits to the hospital that he starts losing sleep over it, loses the trust of his friends, room and even job. All this possessiveness only because he gets to know that her last words were “where is Dan?” before the fall of her from the building into coma. This is the only fault you can find in the movie and if you ignore then you will end of falling in love with the movie and if you cannot ignore then mind you it’s not your cup of tea at all, it may be bore you to death.

I would also like to add that such movies are hardly made in bollywood. Same kind of movie with same direction in Hollywood would have it in best of the best critics’ recommendation. Our audiences & critics should encourage such movies. Definitely it will have a cult following down the line.

It is highly recommended!!!

Top 100 Romantic Movies Of All Time

I have Chosen Romantic Movies from Hollywood alone and few Japanese animations that are dubbed in English because they sound better than the original. I have not seen some of the famous movies known for Romance and few movies that I have seen but could not be taken into the Chart below and this chart will act as a good reference in case your heart is craving for some Romantic Movies. I hope you guys like it and would love to know some of your favorites among the list as well as those that are not one the list.

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1 Pride & Prejudice 11 The Time Travellers Wife 21 The Terminal
2 Titanic 12 PS I Love You 22 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
3 Before Sunrise 13 The Secret in their Eyes 23 Atonement
4 Before sunset 14 Love Actually 24 Modern Times
5 Before Midnight 15 Notting Hill 25 Top Gun
6 The Notebook 16 The Proposal 26 Her
7 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 17 500 days of summer 27 Groundhog Day
8 Pretty Woman 18 Sweet November 28 50 First Dates
9 Love & other drugs 19 Definitely Maybe 29 The Lake House
10 Silver Linings Playbook 20 The Fault In Our Stars 30 It’s a Wonderful Life
31 One Day 41 About Time 51 Mary and Max
32 The Theory of Everything 42 Moulin Rouge 52 Cinderella
33 Gone With The Wind 43 City Lights 53 Beauty and the Beast
34 True Romance 44 Forgetting Sarah Marshal 54 Whispers of the Heart
35 The Perks of Being a Wallflower 45 Roman Holiday 55 UP
36 Blue is the Warmest Color 46 Flipped 56 Wall E
37 Carol 47 Hitch 57 Tangled
38 The Handmaiden 48 When Harry Met Sally 58 The Secret World of Arrietty
39 Indecent Proposal 49 Crazy, Stupid, Love 59 Tarzan
40 My Best Friend’s Wedding 50 The Holiday 60 Corpse’s Bride
61 Allied 71 Lives of Others 81 Up in the Air
62 La La Land 72 Revolutionary Road 82 Closer
63 Mr. Nobody 73 Blue Valentine 83 The Graduate
64 The Reader 74 Sleepless in Seattle 84 An Education
65 Match Point 75 The Apartment 85 Something’s Gotta Give
66 Remember Me 76 Slum Dog Millionaire 86 Let the Right One in
67 Midnight In Paris 77 Vertigo 87 The Last of the Mohicans
68 Cinderella Man 78 Casablanca 88 Never Let Me Go
69 Safe haven 79 Little Children 89 The Blue Lagoon
70 Forrest Gump 80 Juno 90 You’ve Got Mail
90 The Illusionists
91 Four Weddings and a Funeral
92 Cascablanca
93 Yes Man
94 Back To The Future
95 As Good As It Gets
96 Just Go With It
97 Friends With Benefit
98 No Strings Attached
99 Eyes Wide Shut
100 Sense and Sensibilities

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Review – FS

My Review of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo is very Simple and to put it bluntly it is like “Enjoying Sex With and Without Condoms during First half & Second Half respectively”

In today’s modern times, watching a movie that takes you back to 80’s and 90’s subject of teaching values, reminding of culture and tradition is like expecting to watch and listen to a boring lecture from Mullah’s, Swamy’s or Fathers on their respective Auspicious days. But when same subject are lectured / preached by Specialists who are Modern but culturally rooted and knowledgeable, whose works are recognized world over, cherished and appreciated, your expectations bounds to be sky high. You seek to gain knowledge, learn values and become righteous. Sooraj Bharjatya is one such personality who is a specialist in this genre, hence the expectations are huge, tremendous, unbeatable and to meet such demand is challenging. Sometimes best of the best would fail given the time and circumstances in a Modern Day film making. Did Sooraj meet your expectations? Did he recreate the magic of HAHK or HSSH? It’s you who have to decide that. I can only give my views and my opinion on the film.

In First half all the songs hinder the pace and rhythm of the movie which actually drifted the intention of Sooraj. He could have added few more scenes instead of songs. None of the songs were situational and all disrupted the flow of movie watching experience. 30-45 mins before the interval movie catches the rhythm of the flow and from then on it continues to entertain till the end.

In Second Half movie reaches all time high with a Coronation scene between Swara Bhaskar and Salman that I would rate it as Salman Khan’s best Scene till date and one of the Best Scenes directed in Hindi Cinema. There are many such beautiful scenes in the second half with three beautiful songs, one mostly used as Background Score. The film’s intention is as pure as 24 carat Gold.

Salman Khan has given his one of the Best Performance till date. He was Perfecto as Vijay and Prem. Its easy to do double role but its difficult to enact dual role in double role and by that what I mean to say is he has to enact as an imposter of his look alike as well as be himself at the same time, that is Prem. This year Salman Khan deserves all the awards including National Award and I am not kidding.

Sonam Kapoor is so Gorgeous and Good looking that people will fall in love with her beauty instantly. She has done an exceptional work as princess and she should be applauded for her performance. Every other character have done good job.

PS: The movie is inspired from Chinese movie “Masquerade 2012”.

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Brothers Movie Review – FS

Brothers-2015-HD-Movie-TorrentWell, I never expected this movie to touch me so much but it did. The depth of emotional scenes in this movie are beyond words, only to be felt, experiencing the trauma one goes through each characters by putting oneself in their shoes.

You might find many couples in most part of India just like Mary (Shefali Shetty) and Garson Fernande (Jackie Shroff) where a woman struggles every minute of her life, fighting off herself in midst of relationship crisis & injustice bestowed upon her just to save & protect the family she love, for the sake of her children, their future & their happiness from being destroyed in minutes. One may find happiness to be a distant dream because of their sacrifices but not for them as they are strong enough to find the happiness in little things, things that would mean world to them, things they wished to hate and in happiness of their loved ones.

Yes, it is the same old story because even in case of men it is not entirely different as we see men turn drunkards / alcoholic resulting in domestic violence, extra marital affairs, sin, tearing down the family, hurting & losing the loved ones & destroying themselves in the end. We also see men seeking redemption, reconciliation in which some may fail and some may actually succeed.

The characters shown on the screen attributed with the above characteristics would seem clichéd; watched umpteen numbers of times that will disinterest your movie watching experience but the act of our Couple (Jackie & Shefali) and their performances in Brothers was nothing like seen before because each emotional scene was filled up with such depth of emotions that even considering to pretend to experiencing it alone would literally swirl you down into depression.

In most movies when a character acts as a drunkard he hams like anything, but Jakie don’t in Brothers. He puts himself in his shoes and behaves exactly the way he behaves when he is drunk. He don’t act as drunkard, he lives it, he has mirrored his real life behavior in reel life. He has not shown any reluctance or resilience to put up a performance as drunkard with I don’t care attitude, a drunkard with no attitude at all or a drunkard who is not in control of his actions & aggressions. He does exactly what a drunkard would do in a given situation with an uncompromisable egoism & male chauvinism. He has given a stellar performance of his life, infact he has lived it.

Now let me come back to the main lead and pair of the film, i.e, Akshay (David) and Jacqueline (Jenny). Their journey from lovebirds to a settled family is captured mesmerizingly and their beautiful bonding of emotions, expressions of their love & care for each other, sharing the burden of painful suffering of their child could be literally seen through their eyes. The words shared between them are scarce but the essence of love & care displayed is infinitely present in the atmosphere between the two. Their beautiful bonding and Chemistry seen in the movie Brothers is one of the finest ever. The subtlety, the innocence, the purity in their love & affections towards each other leaves you intoxicated.

For me Sidharth (Monty Fernandes) was someone who is not meant to be in the life of Jackie’s family or in the movie but he is there in their life as well as in the movie and that’s how it should be when it meant to be as such. He is excellent as a guy who lost someone whom he loved dearly twice, walking in the path of oblivion without any direction or aim like as if he was forced to be born in to the world to live a life of unknown.

What I didn’t like was Karan Malhotra’s partiality towards Akshay. Akshay’s fights are best choreographed, he looked stronger and better fighter than Sid (whom he was supposed to be if not technically but physically) and his fights didn’t leave any impact on my mind to actually endorse the atmosphere built up around him in the movie. The whole fight scene becoming an instant hit and going viral looked forced and deliberate. It was the weakest point in the movie along with first fight scene of Sid where the opponent is doped into long lasting sleep with pinch of punch :P.

Every fight scene of Akshay in the ring is fantastically choreographed that have never been seen before in Bollywood.

The First half is a Masterpiece, A Classic and benchmark for films to be made in future. It should not be missed at any cost. The Second Half should be a benchmark for all the upcoming action movies and to the action directors. This movie has so many scenes that are Extraordinary & grandeur in its own size, Mighty to be recreated again onscreen, wonderful and sensational.

Melodious songs elevate the ‘already set mood’ into fantasy that every lovebird dreams to endure in real life. The song played during the time of Training boosts up your manhood setting adrenaline rush almost like I can hear my blood rushing through my veins.

This movie deserved 5/5 had not Karan Malhotra been partial. Its 4.5/5 – Highly Recommended!!!

Phantom Review – FS


I am bit confused about Phantom

On one hand they have named all the real names of masterminds behind 26/11 attacks and the actors look just like them. It needs guts to name those who are still out at large with followings in their home country which could pose a serious threats to the director or anyone associated with the film anywhere and anytime.

On the Other hand the screenplay lacks which impacts good direction by Kabir. For example, the execution of the targets that takes places is shot brilliantly but it don’t impact on the viewers that such thing was really executed, it lacked conviction.

I think Kabir got carried away with the emotions related to 26/11 while shooting but failed to recreate that onscreen or in reel life. The impact or the thrill was missing whenever each target is executed or action took place. The whole Syrian mission (Though shot well with brilliant locales) hindered the flow of the movie that could have been taken out of the book without screwing the mission.

Kabir didn’t deviate from his mission but there was lack of some sort of imbalance between the emotions and the actions. Saif was brilliant and surprisingly Katrina was very good.

The backdrop was real, the characters of masterminds are real except the lead characters & its mission was fictional. Overall it was a very good movie but remained as one man show just like hollywood make-believe stuff. Realism was missing even with presence of real characters which resonates with Kabirs tagline “A Story We Wish Was True”.

There are some spine chilling moments in the movie and those moments felt only during Climax and Post climax scenes.

This movie should be watched and director should be encouraged for his bold steps to name the real culprits without manipulation and fear. He has fearlessly shown how Indian Authorities should tackle terrorism and beat them in their own backyard.

Happy New Year Breaks All Records – 40Cr

Happy New Year Has Extraordinary First Day
Saturday 25 October 2014 12.00 IST
Box Office India Trade Network

Happy_New_Year_Poster_(2014_film)Happy New Year managed a huge first day grossing around the 40 crore nett mark and managed a to put up new circuit records in most circuits. The ones to miss out were Rajasthan, Nizam/Andhra, Tamil Nadu/Kerala and Bihar.

Rajasthan was technically a record but as there is tax in the circuit now, the nett number was less than Dhoom 3. Circuits like CP Berar and CI set new records by a few lakhs but bigger circuits beat by bigger distances. Mumbai record was 12.10 crore nett of Singham Returns and Chennai Express is looking at a figure of 13.50 crore nett. Delhi/UP is looking around 6.75 crore nett beating the 6 crore nett of Dhoom 3. East Punjab grossed 3.51 crore nett beating the 2.92 crore nett of Dhoom 3.

Nizam/Andhra and Tamil Nadu/Kerala fell short of the figures recorded by Chennai Express while Bihar was less than Singham Returns. Saturday is another holiday in many parts of the country and it is important that the film holds well which will ensure it is a major winner with Monday to decide whether the film can emerge a blockbuster.